Here at Paradiso Di Stelle we are locally famous for our home made gelato and sorbet. During the summer we are sure to always keep our cooler filled with sixteen delicious flavours for you to enjoy. We continue making gelato until December in which you can enjoy our Christmas  flavours including: Eggnog Gelato, Mulled Apple Spice, and Candycane Cheesecake just to name a few. Then we start up the machines again in May, just in time for the warm weather. We have a variety of flavors for you to choose from including, but not limited to: Salted Butter cream Caramel, Coffee, Cookies and Cream, Coconut, Passion fruit, and Blood Orange. And of course our Italian classics: Chocolate, Vanilla, Bacio, Pistacchio, and Tiramisu, Cheese cake.
Also a very popular dessert we offer is our Affrogoto Coffees and Affrogoto liquours. It has your choice of two scoops gelato with either a single shot of espresso or single shot of liquor poured overtop.